Sunday, November 23, 2008


it's snowing! :))
maybe this is the best time to help you with my christmas wishlist. i hope many of you asked yourself the question 'what to buy my dearest paloma for christmas?' so i give you ideas.

- a ticket to London in the spring holiday
- a Nikkor lens, maybe 18-200mm
- a Blackberry
- a polaroid camera
- a leather jacket
- la prairie - silver rain
- a thousand packets of walkers shortbread, sorry i'm addicted
- a bag to my camera
- lots of blouses and shirts
- London Interiors book/New York Interiors book/Paris Interiors books
- Valentino Rossi's book
- money
- make up
- boots
- a brown leather bag
- a beautiful biiig ring
- a running machine
- pants

merry christmas, i love you all

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